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Sweet Home California

Kev + I have lived in Birmingham, Alabama for officially four years this month (!!!) I still really cannot believe it's been that long. We had been married for four months, had no perspective jobs and just received two maltipoos from my parents as a going away gift. Kev was beginning Seminary at Beeson Divinity School and faith was the only thing we got to cling onto. It was both terrifying + exhilarating but I wouldn't take back filling up that uhaul and moving thousands of miles across country for anything. Going back home to California is always so nostalgic. Driving with the windows down Victoria Ave, smelling the blooming trees and seeing the thick smog that fills the air is oddly comforting. Indulging in alllll my favorite foods that the South doesn't have and sipping on a Juice It Up makes me feel like i'm back in High School. Or walking CBU's campus and remembering when kev + i first met and would take nightly walks around our campus gives me such joy. Twenty two years were spent all within a twenty mile radius. Everything has changed and yet nothing has at the same time. Here's a glimpse at my time soaking up the sun (+ a really bad sunburn) with some of the greatest people in the world. Missing you all so much, always. 


xox, allison j naylor