Jurassic Park Greenhouse + Tender Kisses

When we were in California for our #baynayvacay I had the privilege to take photos of my childhood friend and her husband. Jaimee and I have literally known each other for almost twenty years and have lived life together for most of it. I have fondish memories of us doing pop warner cheer together (and horrible photos to prove it) and many sleepovers with our high school best friends. So we certainly have known one another in both the good and the bad. BUT it actually was my first time meeting her husband Alex so it was such a sweet time seeing their evident love and tenderness for one another. Plus, the weather was perfect and although it was the middle of February the UCR Botanical Gardens was looking v nice. -- also fun fact this is where Kev proposed to me six years ago! So all the feels. 

P.S Doesn't the green house legit look like something out of Jurassic Park? So dreamy! 

xox, allison j naylor 

Allison Naylor