Ephesians Farm + Custom Nikes

I have so many thoughts about this March wedding that I can't even contain myself! First off, have you ever been to Ephesians Farm? Not only are the owners the greatest delight ever (Sherri, the owner, danced with the entire wedding party all night!) but the venue is absolutely gorgeous. That really was just the cherry on top to David and Danielle's perfect day though. They have the most beautiful, tender and respectful love. It was so evident to everyone who participated in the ceremony that it felt more like a worship experience. Plus, Danielle had custom Nikes made that said "Mrs. Caro" so you really can't beat that. It was such a joy getting to be apart of their wedding. Here's a little look into it!   

Congratulations Mr. + Mrs. Caro! 


allison j naylor 

Allison Naylor