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That Warm California Glow

Before going to college I prayed fervently for a friend like Bethany. Starting college can be scary enough but aside from an education I really wanted lifelong friendships who would deeply encourage my relationship with the Lord and honestly, just be plain funny. THANKFULLY with Bethany, I got the best of both worlds ;). Kevin and I always say she's one of the top five funniest people we know. So flash forward five years since we graduated college (WHAT!) I got to take family photos for her beautiful family of four. One of the key characteristics that comes to mind when I think of Bethany is JOY so as you can see this was a very joyful session. I can't wait to follow her around in the next stages of life. I am originally from California so coming home in October and seeing my people and eating in-in-out was just so needed but having a cup of coffee and sitting on her front porch talking life was certainly a highlight. Enjoy these photos that were pretty much taken in my backyard (plus or minus a mile or so.) Happy Wednesday, beautiful friends! 

xox, allison j naylor 

Family ShootAllison Naylor