Bay Nay Vacay

Can you believe i'm already half way through my pregnancy? After all of the years of infertility and miscarriages I honestly never thought we could be able to go on a babymoon because I never really thought I'd be pregnant (if you missed my story a couple weeks ago here's a brief overview!) BUT. By the grace of God I am and we went. Originally we had planned to go to Savannah, GA because it's only a five hour drive from Birmingham BUT my parents were being honored in California for an alumni award so we took the treck out to be with my mama and then ventured south to San Diego for a few days. People often refer to San Diego as the most sought after vacation town because the weather is literally 70 degrees all year long. And even in the middle of February it was 65-70 degrees the whole time we were there. I didn't realize the goodness of sunshine until we got there and just how much I needed it. So here's a look at our three day #baynayvacy in sunny San Diego + here's a list of my favorite places we visited!

Favorite Coffee Shop: Communal Coffee. GUYS. Kev literally told me he had never seen me smile so hard in one place. It was like Disneyland for a millennial women. Their whole tagline is "Flowers + Coffee" and that's really precisely it. There is a coffee shop and florist inside the same space that has the cutest little shop attached. We went back twice and I probs would live there with we lived in San Diego. 

Favorite Excursion: San Diego Whale Watch. With Sea World and the Wild Animal Park being hot attractions we knew we wanted to do something a little bit less formal and go on a whale watching cruise. So we set our sights on the water and bought ridiculous hats and saw five whales, so many dolphins and sea lions (that all reminded me of Asher!) 

Favorite Beach: La Jolla. We got lucky in both of the nights that we caught the sunset by the water. We went to La Jolla Cove the first night and listened to the sea lions argue and cuddle one another. And then the second night we went to Torrey Pines that overlooked all San Diego. It was so dreamy. 

Favorite Food: This is so hard because literally I feel like all we did was eat. But whats a vacay or babymoon without lots and lots of food? Overall our top pick was the tacos. We ate lots and lots of tacos but we found Salud! to be the best. We waited over an hour to order but some of the best, freshest fish tacos and guacamole i've ever had!

Favorite Treat: Before I go on trips to any location I do a lot of pinterest + instagram searching in the area to find top picks. And Holy Matcha just so happened to be one of the most popular. As pretty as it is (PINK + PALM TREES) you never know if the drinks or food are as good as they look. But! It was so worth it. We got a horchata matcha tea and a matcha donut. We also went on Valentines so they gave us free white chocolate covered strawberries. 

Favorite Shop: Pigment. Just imagine Anthropologie in floral heaven. We got our little babe a few things + it's probably a reaaaallly good thing I don't live closer.

xox, allison j naylor

Allison Naylor