Dancin' to John Mayer

Meet Jake + McKenna! I seriously LOVE giving away free things! I get so excited to launch new products or update my website because I always want to put a free photoshoot or print to go along with. I have personally never actually won a contest online (still praying I win those essential oils!) buuuut to the lucky person who does win it's always SUCH a joy to bless someone :) Which leads me to Jake + McKenna. I had the honor of randomly picking them for a free engagement session after I launched my new website and they were literally thee cutest couple. She swooned in his arms, we put on John Mayer and danced around the botanical gardens. I left the shoot and I had a belly ache because we legit laughed the entire time. McKenna is such a blushing bride to be and I couldn't have been happier to meet them. 

Cheers to a great week! 

xox, allison j naylor