PNW <3 `

When planning our summer vacation we had two things in mind: a place with no humidity + a location that is socially acceptable to drink expresso at all hours of the day. So after research and many pros and cons lists (any one else?) we decided upon the Pacific North West! We spent ten whole days venturing up and down the coast getting to explore the city, mountains AND the sea. We started in Seattle, then camped in Mount Rainier National Park and on the Oregon Coast, and finally stayed in Portland for a couple of days. As a California native it was so good and needed to be back on the west coast. 

Favorite memories of the trip: We took a ferry ride around Seattle and allowed the mist to hit our faces as we peered at all the house boats on the water. We got to see where Sleepless in Seattle was filmed (Hello Meg Ryan!) and then had the most delicious Mexican food at 11pm. We also hiked at Mount Rainier for a couple of days and it was WAY harder than I imagined. As we trekked uphill for many miles and began to near the opening of Summerland (an amazing clearing to view Mount Rainier) we hit snow. The kind where if you don't have snow shoes you may get hurt if you continue type of snow. We trekked for a little while in the snow on some steep switchbacks but after coming to our senses we decided to turn around and go back. Going down in the snow was just as difficult as going up and we ended up sliding down a few of the hills. Snow in our shoes and snow in our hair and snow on kev's glasses. It was both glorious and terrible at the same time. HA! And my final fave was staying in the Ace Hotel in Seattle! It was as cute + delightful as it looks on instagram. 

Low of the trip: The kind people of Portland don't believe in air conditioning. It rarely gets hot there but of course we were there during one of the hottest weeks of the year and it was just gross. We did however make up for it by seeing a college friend and indulging in ice chai's + the yummiest donuts from Pip's. 

Here's a look into the beloved west coast. <3 

I hope your week is filled with lots of wildflowers + vanilla lattes. 

xox, allison j naylor