Walk in Grace: Life Lived Beautifully

Last year one of my closest girlfriends and I co-taught a Sunday school class for around forty college girls. It was a class where we got to declare that life is hard, but God is good. At the time I had only heard a bit about the bible study we were going through from one of my closest friends who was teaching the class with me. Rachael was so passionate about her experience and time spent with the Lord through these Bible studies that I knew they were going to be beneficial to our hearts and in turn, the girls. So eight weeks later, after many tears and confession we began to see a flood of gospel growth in both our lives and our girls through the study, Planted. Life Lived Beautifully has seen me through two miscarriages, a summer of severe heartache, being a pastor's wife and this endeavor in photography. It is one of my greatest joys getting to take photos for a company I not only firmly believe in but have been sanctified through. Thanks be to God for faithful hearts and beautiful, life giving products. You can find out about them more here!

Here is a recent shoot I did for their summer line, Walk in Grace. You can find more seasonal shoots that I've done with them on their instagram or website


xox, allison j naylor