Ice Cream Kisses + Sundown Cuddles

Meet Win + Carla! My MAIN goal in an engagement shoot is for it to be FUN. Seriously. When is there another time in your life when you are dressed up and THIS giddy to be with the one you love (apart from your wedding day, of course!) PLUS. I find that engaged couples have the most fun doing what's enjoyable to them. So, I love to ask what the couple loves to do. And it just so happened that Win + Carla love ice cream. Insert Big Spoon Creamery (ohmygoshhh. it's so good.) So we ventured to the ice cream shoppe and then across the way to run around Avondale Park. Guys. It was truly as magical as it looked. Win + Carla make you want to love your significant other that much deeper AND laugh excessively while doing it. Can HARDLY wait for their January wedding. Cheers you two! 

xox, allison j naylor